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Sir/Maam I am from Pathankot and i want to marry a girl from Gurdaspur. I want to get it registered in Pathankot but as our parents are against the marriage. we are planning to get married in a temple but the complication arises as in Punjab the marriage cannot be registered at the marriage registrar's office until the parents are a witness to the same. what can we do?
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Marriage Registration
Marriage Registration

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Malleswaram, Bengaluru

Dear Sir,

If Law did not permit for registration without the consent of parents you have find out alternative way. But i think there is no such Law to restrain grown up persons marrying without the consent of parents. Alternatively one of you may file a suit for declaration to the effect that your marriage at so on so temple may be declared as valid. On the next hearing your spouse must agree for decreeing the suit. Thus you will get marriage valid through Court. 

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