What should be done in a situation where court ordered to pay alimony but still no alimony is paid by the husband?

I have been divorced on mutual consent and the court has passed the order for my ex-husband to pay an alimony of Rs. 30.000. He has never been regular on paying of alimony. He earns a package of 26 lacs per annum in a reputed company. He loses all his salary in gambling and wont pay alimony. He says that he will be leaving India shortly and nothing can be done against him then. Please help what can be done?
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Divorce & Alimony Family Law

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Vishal Kumar Thakur

You need to immediately move for executing the decree that has been passed for the divorce on the operating part of the alimony to be paid. For this purpose you need to contact a lawyer immediately without delay so that you can also get a stay on his leaving the country.

Deepika Gill

Dear client you have to file case for recovery of arrears. Once you file the case the court will issue warrant against him and court will cancel his warrant after dipositing arrears of maintenance.

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