What Are The Rights Of A Consumer?

At the time of selling a Plasma Telivision set, the dealer of a reputed company verbally explained that the model, which he suggests is having a newer/latest technology panel having a (NEO PDP) panel instead of the older Plasma panel and is has three years warranty. Whereas on getting the delivery it was noticed that no where it was mentioned that it is a (NEO PDP) panel set and , the warranty card supplied along with the set was for one year only. On making the complaint to the Dealer and the company they refused and did't respond except the company has admitted that it's a non NEO PDP set. Can I compel the company to change the set with a NEO PDP model set? if yes, how?
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Consumer Protection
Consumer Protection

2 Answer(s)

Rashi Gahlaut

Send them a legal notice to change the set it they refuse then file a complaint in the consumer forum.

Deepika Gill

A purchaser is required to be more vigilant and law cannot help those persons who remain silent/unvigilant at the appropriate time. What were you doing at the time of its purchase? Why didn't you noticed its name and warranty card when it was being given to you. Why didn't you demanded the assurances in writing? All these questions are very vital and you have no reply against them except that you blindly believed on the oral assurance. So no consumer complaint lies except as covered under warranty card.

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