The Amount Of Credit Card Is Accumulated Due To Inaccessibility Of My Salary Account

I had an Axis bank credit card linked to my salary account. I had lost access to the salary a/c net banking & ATM which was communicated to the bank and they issued a fresh ATM card but did not deliver ATM pin mailer. My salary a/c had equal amount of money as the credit card outstanding amount and got locked for more than a year. They updated CIBIL records as well as threatened me through phone calls. Nodal officers of the bank asked me to contact a branch person to resolve ATM pin related issue and sent one apology email as well. Can I get compensation from Bank for the credit loss / threatening calls? I am ready to settle my dues.
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Deepika Gill

First thing you have to clarify is that, you have stated to have lost your ATM card but how will that dis entitle you the access to your account through net banking service? What do you mean by saying that you have lost access to salary a/c net banking?, if you have forgot the password for net banking, you could have set it right by sending an email to the customer care service centre seeking to reset your password and there is no reason that you have to wait for one year for resetting the password, do you mean to say that you never operated your salary account after you have lost your password access to it? Unbelievable and unable to give an opinion for this question having no reliance to truth. Next thing to clarify is that how is the CC related to the ATM card? Are you crediting your CC amount through ATM card, if so, what were you doing for one year when you did not get your ATM pin mailer?, did you not realise that the CC account cannot be defaulted by keeping it pending for some flimsy reason? If you have not taken care of or bothered about the clearance of CC account about its default or repayment, how do you expect the bankers to keep quite for ever after lending you money waiting for you to clear them on your own whenever you desire to do so? It is absolutely your responsibility to follow up the issues pertaining to your account be it your ATM card matter or access to your net banking etc. You cannot find a reason to blame it on some one for your laxity in it. For fault on your side you do not have any right to claim any compensation from bankers. Even now it is not late that you sit and talk with the bank people and sort the issues amicably so that you are benefited by getting your cibil ratings improved and you may even request for waiver of interest on pending CC account, if yo plan for any legal action against the bankers, you may land up in stretched legal battles which may or may not favor ultimately. However, there are chances that you can even contemplate a consumer case against the bank for deficiency of service but the pleadings have to be drafted on carefully footed wordings. You may consult a local lawyer with details for further advise and reliefs.

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