What Should Be Done When The Fraud Has Been Committed By A Business Partner?

We are two partners in small cable networking field since last 9 years in Chhattisgarh. I am also working in one private company. My partner was looking after the business with two other workers. But since last six months they are refusing the collection of money and profit sharing and they also captured our cable field. What should I do?
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Corporate Law Default/Fraud

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Rashi Gahlaut

The remedy for you is to file a lawsuit for recovery of arrears of profit against the partner and also a lawsuit for injunction to restrain him from ousting you from the partnership.

Prateek Kumar

If you have an agreement or partnership deed, you may enforce the agreement to recover the profits or revenue sharing. You may send a legal notice to the partner demanding him to pay yor share in the business, failing which you may cancel the agreement and file a money recovery suit against him on the basis of some evidence in your possession to prove your claim.


1) Issue legal notice to partner to furnish detailed statement of accounts

2) If he refuses to submit detailed statement and pay your share of profits you can file suit for accounts

3) You can dissolve the partnership as per clauses in your deed of partnership

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