What is the procedure of filing an FIR?
By  Saket Sharma  |  22 Dec 2016  |  Upvotes: 0  | 

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Ravindra Purohit

Section 154 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973, lays down the procedure for filing an FIR. The procedure of filing an FIR is as follows –

When information about the commission of a cognizable offence is given orally, the police must write it down.
It is your right as a person giving information or making a complaint to demand that the information recorded by the police is read over to you.
Once the information has been recorded by the police, it must be signed by the person giving the information.
You should sign the report only after verifying that the information recorded by the police is as per the details given by you.
People who cannot read or write must put their left thumb impression on the document after being satisfied that it is a correct record. Always ask for a copy of the FIR, if the police do not give it to you. It is your right to get it free of cost. You can also complain to the nearest judicial magistrate, who will order the police to register the FIR, if deemed necessary. Ensure that you get a receipt of your complaint being registered.

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