Can I claim land taken fraudulently by the other party?
I am a member of a family who want to recover property by inheritance which has been fraudulently claimed which we wish to recover. All family members entitled to this claim presently are living abroad viz Australia & South Africa. I have all the information relating to these properties located in Pal-Saras dist. Surat. and wish to take legal action against the fraudster. What are my chances of pursuing this matter further.
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Tanushree Sharma

You can recover your property which was transferred by fraud or misconception. You have to file a civil suit or you can do it by a revenue court but you must prove that the property which was transferred it was transferred by fraud.

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Amarnath Sanyal

If any property is eing transfered or sold fradulently then you have to file a suit for Declaration and Recovery of possession within 12 years from the date of knowldge. EIther of owner can file a suit but has to be authorised by other person. As per recent judgements older deeds will survive than later one. Without delaying you must take action immediately.For further consultation in details you can contact me

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