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How to solve land dispute?
Hi, my dad had 4 brothers, all of whom have children. My grandfather had a agriculture land that he gave up to his sons before dying. The agriculture land is divided into 4 different parts in 4 different areas. Each is of varying size and value(So each part cannot be given to each brother). So basically there is land with the above specification that needs to be divided with 4 different parties which then would subdivided among the siblings. The problem is that some people want to sell their portion and some don't want to sell right now. If we divide each of the 4 parts of lands into 4 fragments then the value of the whole property goes down causing everyone to lose. Some parties may be even willing to buy other people's share if the right price is found out. Can this dispute be resolved amicably using legal infrastructures like creating a trust on the land?
By  Ishan Sharma  |  10 Dec 2016  |  Upvotes: 1  | 

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Amarnath Sanyal

Nothing can be done to save and except to Partition the property whether it depreciate or appreciate the value of property. Partition can be done either by Partition Deed (registered) or through Court (Partition Suit).

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