Legal Defense In Fake Assault Case

Mr. A is a doctor by profession. Mrs B in order to defame Mr. A creates a situation, wherein when she is in the doctors chamber she starts shouting and crying that the doctor misbehaved with her and files a complaint against the doctor for harassment and assault. But, the actual fact is that the doctor is innocent and did nothing which could constitute assault or harassment. Advise Mr A (the doctor) regarding how he can shed off the burden of the complaint and what all will be treated as a valid evidence in favor of him?
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Criminal Defense
Criminal Defense

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Deepika Gill

If somehow by requesting the Investigating Officer you can induce your collegues as well as staffs as witness and prove the charges were false against you.

Ravindra Purohit
In case the investigation of the above case is still pending, then you can try to convince the Investigating Officer to induce certain witnesses of the hospital who can testify that the incident didn't happen. In case the investigation is over and the case is pending in court, then you may produce your witnesses in defense who will testify in your favor. Apart from this, your lawyer will have to break down her testimony in cross examination.

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