What is a Standard rent? How is standard rent fixed?
When can I make an application for fixation of standard rent?
By  sakshi jaiswal  |  29 Nov 2016  |  Upvotes: 0  | 

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Standard rent is the rent fixed under the Rent Control Act, and is the maximum rent chargable by the landlord to his tenants.  Provision made for the fixation of rent is under the Renat control act. The standard rent is different for all different state,therefore the fixation of  the same is also different as per the legislation passed by different states.

For example in Delhi rent control act  is apllicable to all premises let out on a monthly rent of Rs 3500 or less.

If the rent on your premise is more than the specified tab as per the state rent control act ,you can make an application fo fixation of rent.

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