What Should Be Done In A Situation When There Is A Breach In The Bond Of The Employment?

I was working in a company and signed a bond on stamp paper for period of 3 years. The bond stated that I could leave the company only in the month of June for which notice had to be given at least six months before. Also I would have to pay the amount equal to twice the amount that I Id get for my remaining tenure. As there was no proper exit from this bond I took leave from the company and never went back to work. Now after one year since I left the company they sent a notice on their letterhead that I have breached the contract and need to pay around Rs 12.5 lacs plus interest of 18% PA. I left the company after working for 13 months (including 3 months of training). Moreover the bond was one sided in their favour- they could terminate my job but I couldn't leave on my own will. If I do not respond to their notice what kind of legal action could they take?
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Vishal Kumar Thakur

The notice period beyond 3 months is unreasonable. The contents of the bond posted by you are surprising and one shall wonder such kind of bonds can also be drafted. It is important that you reply to the notice. You may consult elders in the family,competent and experienced people known to the family, lawyer/law firm having experience and competence in handling such matters, and submit a terse and strong reply. The sane person who has crafted the bond , in all of his wisdom and sanity may be thinking of filing a recovery suite. In future kindly consult elders in the family,competent and experienced people known to the family, lawyer/law firm, before signing on the dotted line. It is better than repenting later.

Rashi Gahlaut

Your are not required to pay anything as their wish. Just reply if they served you notice stating that the bond is not valid because it is one sided and you were forced to sign the document since they were making use of the situation and it is time barred as well.

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