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Stop or dismiss the HMA Sec 9 Restitution of conjugal rights case

Posted 2 days ago  |    1 Answer  |    0  |  Family Law

Ravindra Purohit

Sec 9 of HMA talks about a very particular term "reasonable excuse". It also provides a provision that the party who has withdrawn from the society of his/her spouse, if have a reasonable excuse to do so then he/she can oppose the petition of restitution of conjugal rights filed by the aggrieved party by proving that reasonable excuse.

Eligibility for government job

Posted 2 days ago  |    1 Answer  |    0  |  Employment

Tanushree Sharma

If you have not been in jail for more than 24 hours then you are elgible for any government job.

How can I get my father's property?

Posted 3 days ago  |   Unanswered  |    0  |  Documentation Property/Real Estate

I'm concerned for my privacy. What do I do?

Posted 5 days ago  |   Unanswered  |    0  |  General Legal

Mere dadaji varsai me Mili jamin ka will karana chahte he

Posted 1 week ago  |   Unanswered  |    0  |  Property/Real Estate

How can I claim this property?

Posted 1 week ago  |   Unanswered  |    1  |  Property/Real Estate Wills/Trusts

How can I lodge fir

Posted 1 week ago  |    1 Answer  |    0  |  Property/Real Estate

Prateek Kumar

F.I.R is lodged only after the commencement of the crime or an act done for the commencement of the crime, you cannot lodge a F.I.R merely on the basis of suspicion. But if your brother has given any threat that he will cuase any harm to the said property then you can lodge F.I.R against him, but if not then you cannot lodge F.I.R merely on the suspicion. 

Can filing an FIR affect a US student visa application?

Posted 1 week ago  |    1 Answer  |    0  |  Immigration

Ravindra Purohit

No, filling an F.I.R against the person harrasing you would not affect your visa application, as it is the right of every citizen of India to take a legal action against anyone who is infringing your right to freedom and privacy provided in the Constitution of India by any means. And every person has the right to safeguard himself from being victimised by any crime.

For further details please contact on our helpine number.

How should i proceed

Posted 1 week ago  |    1 Answer  |    1  |  Arbitration Corporate Law

Tanushree Sharma

You don't need to panic, as you will be liable only if the product was any how defected but since it is not, the customer cannot take any legal action against you as you are responsible for the product soley, not for the other machine it is being attached, you are not laible for any deffect in the machine the product is being attached to. So do not worry the customer cannot held you liable for the his own fault.

how can i remove a polluting unit from back of my house

Posted 2 weeks ago  |    1 Answer  |    0  |  Property/Real Estate

K Mondal

Dear client,

You can file a writ under article 226 in the High Court.

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