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Unauthorized costruction

Posted 2 days ago  |   Unanswered  |    0  |  Property/Real Estate

Does the sister have rights to claim legally on brother for money?

Posted 5 days ago  |   Unanswered  |    0  |  Family Law

What happens when a tenant is living in the house even after the expiry of the rent agreement?

Posted 1 week ago  |    1 Answer  |    0  |  Landlord/Tenant


1. It happens in many cases that the tenant refuses to vacate the leased property even after the expiry of the lease. In such a scenario the rent agreement will be sacrosanct. The rights of landlord and tenant will be governed by the rent agreement.

2. If the tenant refuses to vacate after the expiry of the lease then you may move to court and obtain an order of eviction against him.

3. you can also claim the rent money with interest from the court for the time period in which tenant resides in property after the termination of rent agreement.


Previous employer is holding my releaving letter

Posted 1 week ago  |    1 Answer  |    0  |  Employment

Ravindra Purohit

Dear client, it is not legally enforceable to have a restrictive clause in agreement to restrict an employee from joining any other competitor after employee has quit the job. Such restriction clause will only be upheld in law if they can be shown to be reasonable in duration and scope for protecting legitimate business interests and to be in the public interest. As far as forcing you to send an email saying that you won’t join any other competitor and holding of your relieving letter is also against law.

changing my name back to maiden name, while still being married

Posted 1 week ago  |    1 Answer  |    0  |  General Legal

Tanushree Sharma

You can change your name in Adhar card either by way of online procedure or offline procedure. Please Note that before updating any details on your Aadhaar Card Online , you need to have the same Mobile Number with you while making any changes online. This is because in the 2nd Step only you will be asked to Enter an OTP (One Time Password ) to Login which will be sent to your Registered Mobile Number. So, if you are not using your registered mobile number now or have lost it, you may make the changes by Offline Process. 

For online changes, go thorugh procedure given in this link,

For offline changes, click on link

There is no such pros and cons. It might just ease the paperwork in future.  

Can Married man can have live in relation with divorced woman

Posted 1 week ago  |    1 Answer  |    0  |  Family Law

Deepika Gill

1. Since you already have legally wedded wife, you can not enter into any live in relationship with anyone. 

2. Your wife can claim for divorce on the ground of Adultry.

3. other woman will have no right if you prove that She has knowlege of you being married and still entered into live-in-relationship



Legal remedy to take back fraudulent possession of property

Posted 1 week ago  |    1 Answer  |    0  |  Civil Litigation


You can file civil suit for getting back the ownership of your share of the property and to prove this fraud by other party you need to consult an advocate who can help you in proving that other party has got patta in his name fraudulently.

Succession Certificate - Kanpur

Posted 1 week ago  |    1 Answer  |    0  |  Civil Litigation

Harshit Bhurani

To get succession certificate you need to file petition before the District Judge of your father’s residence place. This petition for certificate must contain following information:

  1. Time of death
  2. Residence or details of properties of the deceased at the time of death
  3. Details of family or other near relatives
  4. The rights of the petitioner
  5. Absence of any impediment to the grant of certificate.

How to receive alimony in case of a mutual consent divorce..?

Posted 2 weeks ago  |   Unanswered  |    0  |  Family Law

what is Tamil Nadu Govt. Rule Number under which a divorced daughter can be granted family pension?

Posted 2 weeks ago  |    1 Answer  |    0  |  Family Law

Ravindra Purohit

Rule 49 of the Directorate of Pension, Government of Tamil Nadu. 

Recovery of Land occupied

Posted 2 weeks ago  |   Unanswered  |    0  |  Property/Real Estate

Advise on name change in Property deed

Posted 2 weeks ago  |   Unanswered  |    0  |  Property/Real Estate

Legal Remedy against status quo order on property passed by Court

Posted 2 weeks ago  |    1 Answer  |    0  |  Civil Litigation

Tanushree Sharma

You need to file an appeal in the higher court against the status quo order given by the previous court. If the decision comes in your favor only then you can construct the house over the property. If you need us to provide you a lawyer to file the appeal, please contact us on our no- 9250004781. You can also leave us a mail at-

Landlord not willing to pay back deposit money and not giving any exact payment date.

Posted 2 weeks ago  |    1 Answer  |    0  |  Arbitration

Ravindra Purohit

You can serve them a notice to repay the deposit money within specified time limit with a warning to file civil suit in case of non-full filling the demands within time limit. For filing a legal notice you can contact a lawyer.

What Does It Mean By Partitioned Property Or Self Acquired Partitioned Property?

Posted 2 weeks ago  |    1 Answer  |    0  |  Property/Real Estate

Tanushree Sharma

Self-acquired property is a property which you buy or acquire from Will or from partition or from being a legal heir. Since, you being the only legal heir of your sister got the property after her death, so this is your self-acquired property. You can even sell that and you don’t need to take permission of your children. 

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